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Single parents - Lone parents !..
As lone parents, We may experience emotions such as loneliness and isolation. The frustration of being a single parent can create stress and anxiety levels that can be harmful to you and your loved ones, left unchecked this can lead towards emotional meltdown. Use this site learn the art of survival, have your say or tell the rest of us your survival tips.

The contents of this website !..
Its unlikely that everything contained within this site is going to be relevant to your circumstances, you may agree or even disagree with some of the content, in which case please contact me with your thoughts. But hopefully somewhere within its depth you will find something that will, in some way help you on your journey.

Lost Ambitions !..
I have been a single parent for the past 10 years, but in just two years time, my son will attend secondary school and I must once again return to full-time work. When my child was very young I would not go to work to pay a child minder to do a job I knew I could do better, but I still had dreams and ambitions, and found the only way that I could be happy about staying at home and care for my son was to wrap my outgoing personality and ambitions up into a neat little bundle and tuck them away in the bottom draw. The problem that I have now is that I can't seem to remember where I put them.

Suffering in Silence !..
Spending time picking up pulling apart, then piecing together events from the past, can seem at the time nothing short of self persecution. This is all part of the process of, moving on, but go careful as to where you lay blame, try real hard to look at things from every conceivable angle, as spending time without others to bounce your thoughts around with, will only leave you with a one sided point of view, thus we believe only what suits ourselves. Which can work in our favor, but should low self-esteem creep in, you can have yourself believe anything, including the worst. Find someone to talk with, you get no brownie points here for suffering in silence. please use this lone single parent support site as it was intended, have your say, blow off steam, make new friends or to simply move on.


Single parent dating ! .
We have now added a "Free" Single parent dating page
... to enter (click here)
Also if you know of a single mum (or) dad who might benifit from this free dating site ! please pass the message on.

Ask Your Question ! ..
Do people actually enjoy being Single Parents. Do other lone parents think their child has in any way a disadvantage!. Get the answers here, then ask the rest of us your question
Training Program ! ..
A self help diary for single parents with rusty social skills or low self-esteem. If you want to get back to work or improve the quality of your life, but feel unable to take them first few steps read this page.
Message Forum ! ..
Make new friends the easy way and join the Meeting Cafe. Its a free service, so join today and introduce yourself. The idea is to help single parents make new single parent friends in their own area :)
A Solo Voyage ! ..
I take this opportunity to welcome all aboard the good ship Venus and wish you a safe and pleasant journey. Some of you may be wondering where the voyage will take you ...
Panic Attacks ! ..
If you suffer from Panic Attacks, don't panic. According to our survey many single parents, suffer with anxiety (and) or panic attacks, so its actually more common than you might think ...
Domestic violence ! ...
Page created by a group member who was herself a victim of domestic violence. The page provides links and proof that a sufferer can regain control of their life again. :-)
Survival Guide ! ..
Taking care of yourself can easily get overlooked in your list of priorities. More often than not, its the people who love you the most that suffer ....
Pearls of Wisdom ! ..
Pearls of wisdom passed on by you, if you have any little nuggets of knowledge you want to pass to the rest of us. This is the page to do it.
Your Profile ! ..
This is very interesting! Don't be overly sensitive! And don't take it to seriously! Its fairly accurate. And takes about 2 minutes.

Free Counseling !..
Free counseling is available for those in receipt of Income Support or Minimum Income Guarantee. Many councilors and psychotherapists in the UK are able to offer FREE counseling to those who are unable to meet the full costs. Counseling is a registered charity in England and Wales;
Tel: 0800 321 3245

DNA Parental testing !..
When DNA solutions first approached me to add a listing to our site,
I was at first, not sure it would be a good idea!
But I my self, have in the past pondered the question, is he or isn't he! Although it was something I thought I might quite like answered, I was honestly too scared to find out for sure ... (Click here) .. for more info.

Stress Buster !... ( Get it here ) ... its a Download
Select when prompted "Save this program to disk" ... OK .. Save in: Desktop.


This Website was Launched in September 2002
by a Lone Parent to bring Support and Advice to Single Parents
seeking a better quality of life.

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