School Marketing

A school’s website is usually at the centre point of a good school marketing strategy. In today’s technological climate, the online community is booming, so the first thing a lot of parents and students will do is to search the Internet. Because of this, you need to make sure your website is engaging, unique, and sends out the correct message that your school is trying to communicate. A website must be user friendly in order to appeal to the widest range of users possible, this will ensure that everyone from younger students to grandparents can access and learn about your school with the utmost ease.

Complementing your school website design, you should have a professional, unique and bespoke prospectus. A prospectus must always give readers exactly what they need to know, so you need to make sure that it reaches the correct target market, and gives any local competition a real run for their money. Instead of sticking to bog standard designs and templates, something a little different often does the best job, whether it’s size, formats or paginations, it can all help a surprising amount towards the promotion of your school.

Creating a video presentation, this can also give viewers a look at the schools facilities and what is has to offer students in terms of education. It can also show current students and include their opinions on your school, as we all know children and young adults can often be brutally honest. It’s because of all these reasons that a DVD or Video could be the answer you’ve been seeking, for that final pitch to students and adults alike.

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